Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Look at Cover for James Van Hise Bio - Roddenberry: The Man who Created Star Trek

Cover design: Frankie Hill

First book in our new series reprinting James Van Hise's classic books on TOS. We call the series, The Unauthorized Guide to Trek. Due out April 15, 2015.

James Van Hise is a well-known journalist specializing in film, television, and comic history. A long-time fan turned media historian, Van Hise’s credentials as both writer and editor are extensive. He was the editor of the pivotal comix zine Rocket Blast Comic Collector (1974-8) and the pioneering Enterprise Incidents: The Magazine for Star Trek Fans (1976-85). In the comic field he has written stories for Dread of Night, Green Hornet, Ray Bradbury Comics, and Real Ghostbusters, among others. As a journalist Van Hise has authored books on Batman, Dune, Conan, Star Wars, The Lone Ranger, Dick Tracy, Stephen King, and Star Trek.

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