Friday, October 17, 2014

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Psychic Healing and Spiritual Healing
UFOs and Extraterrestrial Encounters
Angels and Heavenly Visitations

    Increasingly, when police are baffled by unsolvable crimes, they turn to psychics of proven ability for assistance. Working with clues provided by those with extraordinary paranormal gifts, officers have gone on to apprehend the guilty and, in many cases, free the wrongly accused. Sometimes a crime was committed by psychic or paranormal means, baffling the most seasoned detectives—in which case paranormal means may be the only way of bringing the criminal to justice. FATE is the longest-running and most widely-respected magazine devoted to the paranormal. During its 66 years as the leading publication in its field, FATE has published expert opinions and personal experiences relating to UFOs, psychic abilities, ghosts and hauntings, cryptozoology, alternative medicine, divination methods, belief in the survival of personality after death, predictive dreams, telepathic communication, and other paranormal topics. Many of these challenge our very concept of reality, suggesting at the very least that this world is a far stranger place than most of us suspect. For this volume of our Best of FATE series, the editors of the magazine open their files to examine true accounts of crimes—often acts of murderous violence—both perpetrated and solved by paranormal means. Here, gathered from the over seven hundred issues of Fate, are some of the most impressive instances of psychic crime-solving and psychic crimes, offering hours of fascinating reading for anyone interested in the strange, the paranormal or the occult.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Get Better Soon, Harlan

We just heard from Josh Olsen that the legendary Harlan Ellison has suffered a stroke:
My dearest of dear friends Harlan Ellison had a stroke last week. A lot of people are asking, so here’s the deal - He’s comfortable, and resting in hospital. If one was going to have a stroke, this was the one to have.

I was with him the day before yesterday when the specialist who checks verbal and memory impact was there, and it was like an SNL skit. She’s checking for slurring and loss of memory, and he’s being quintessential Harlan - talking a mile a minute, and throwing out more obscure references per minute than anyone can possibly keep up with. (He did, at one point, forget the name of an actor with a wooden leg who played a supporting part on one of his favorite radio shows back in the forties, but last time I talked to him, he couldn’t remember the name of the key grip on Passage To Marseilles, so it's probably safe to say that’s nothing to worry about. )
I can’t say he’s fine, because he’s had a stroke... but he’s as well as well can be under the circumstances, and had all of the nurses laughing. And he complained a lot. So, you know... Harlan.
If you’re the type who prays, it’s probably not worth it, because he doesn’t believe in that shit. That said, it will annoy him, so go ahead. He’s resting and cantankerous, and completely Harlan.
We wish Harlan the absolute best and a very speedy recovery - and huge thanks for allowing us to use his wonderful introduction to our new edition of Arthur Byron Cover's Autumn Angels.