Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mirror, Mirror Featured on Roddenberry Site

Digital Parchment Services is thrilled that the Roddenberry section of the SF news site, Nexus, has featured the release of our Jerome Bixby collection, Mirror, Mirror:

Jerome Bixby Stories Spotlighted In New Book
'Mirror, Mirror' collection features magazine tales that inspired 'Star Trek' episodes
Stories used by writer Jerome Bixby to create two "Star Trek: The Original Series" episodes are featured in a new book compiling his science fiction work. 
Titled "Mirror, Mirror Classic SF by the Famed Star Trek and Fantastic Voyage Writer," the book from Digital Parchment Services includes the never-before-reprinted novelettes "One-Way Street," "Mirror, Mirror" and "Cargo to Callisto." Bixby molded the first two novelettes into a script for his famous 1967 Season 2 episode "Mirror, Mirror" -- which went on to earn a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation -- and the last for the 1968 Season 2 episode "By Any Other Name." 
The book also contains Bixby's famous short story, "It's a Good Life," which was adapted for "The Twilight Zone" and 1983's "Twilight Zone: The Movie." Other stories include his first tale from 1949, "Tubemonkey," and "The God Plllnk," which was published in 1964. 
Bixby, who was a highly regarded science fiction magazine editor and writer, also wrote the "Star Trek" episodes "Day of the Dove" and "Requiem for Methuselah." He enjoyed success beyond "Star Trek," however, having co-wrote the story for 1966's "Fantastic Voyage" and penning 1958's "It: The Terror from Beyond Space," which served as inspiration for Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi film "Alien." 
Screenwriter and producer Emerson Bixby, Jerome's son, edited the book and wrote its introduction. 
The book arrived in stores Nov. 18, and it costs $3.99 for the ebook edition and $9.99 for paperback.

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